Saturday, January 1, 2011


The second I came home, I got straight to work making gnocchi with my mom. This is our family recipe, but to be honest, most of it is approximate. My mom makes the dough adding some of this and that until the consistency is right. We toss the finished product in a meat sauce made of diced tomatoes, sauce, garlic, herbs, onion, a little sugar, and different sauteed Italian sausages and meatballs.

5-6 large russet potatoes
4 eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 bag of flour
1.5 sticks butter
boil peeled potatoes and then mash with the butter (use a stand mixer)
add eggs one at a time
add olive oil
add flour until dough is just a little sticky (don't add too much because you use more when making the shape)
roll out the dough into logs about the thickness of a finger
cut dough in 1in chunks and roll off a fork
put on a flour dusted sheet tray and put in the freezer until hard
transfer to ziploc bags to store or boil in salted water with a drizzle of oil a little after they float to the top. Test one!


  1. oh my!
    this looks delicious!
    i want to do my own gnoccis too

  2. Woohoo thanks for the fogarty recipe!! Will give it a try soon.