Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Part Deux!

So I realize that Thanksgiving was almost a month ago! Ahh time flies when you're having fun :)
Anyways I just wanted to share with you a bit about my time at home. I made this cookies Wednesday night for my brother and his fellow college buddies. They had come over for a serious night of Mario Party 4 and reminiscing about their high school years. As always, they requested snacks. I had just finished baking my pumpkin pie bars and they all came upstairs hoping to dig in. In order to stave off the early consumption of my Thanksgiving dessert, I decided to research a recipe for a sweet and spicy pumpkin cookie. When I was searching, I noticed many recipes that called for a bit of molasses or maple syrup. Unfortunately, I had neither. Finally I found a recipe actually from here: pumpkin cookies

On another note, my brother's friends also gave me the opportunity to make classic Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies straight from the bag of chocolate chips! I honestly could not remember the last time I'd made them without adapting the recipe. They were a big hit with everyone! Not a morsel left when I went downstairs to clean up in the morning. This classic recipe produces a crunchy outside and a chewy inside. I always be sure to make some a little more baked than others for my dad. He LOVES crunchy cookies. Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip

For the big feast I made my mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cranberry relish, and three new additions. First, I roasted some broccoli, cauliflower, and parsnips together with some cumin, salt, pepper, parsley, and sage. Second, I roasted some sliced bell peppers, button mushrooms, red onion, garlic, and eggplant with lots of balsamic, soy sauce, worsheshire sauce, fresh thyme, pepper, paprika, and cumin. The third was just a simple salad of sliced apples, pears, mixed baby greens, toasted almonds, walnuts, and pecans, and some feta cheese with a honey, lemon, dijon vinaigrette. All were crowd favorites and I loved the small amount of leftovers after! For dessert I made some pumpkin bars that I’ve made for the past two years. I adapted the recipe from No one in my family is vegan by any means, or tries to eat fat free, but these pumpkin bars are a favorite of everyone- especially since I use stevia to sweeten them for my grandparents! Fat Free Vegan Pumpkin Pie Bites. I actually attended two feasts within 3 hours. At the first, we had grilled turkey and a roasted turkey, various pastas, two kinds of sweet potatoes, apple, blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate, banana, and lemon pies. At the second we had a turkey my dad fried, an oven-roasted turkey, two different cranberry chutneys, and both a pumpkin praline and a pecan pie. I have a pic of the latter pies and my grandma pretending she's at Six Flags with the giant turkey leg. :)

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