Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Sinterklaas!

Last week I celebrated the Dutch version of St. Nick’s Day. For the event, I volunteered to be “Santa’s little helper” in the kitchen. My friend Nimue and I made traditional pepernoten, borstplaat, Taai-taai, and some little sugar wafers like a crunchy meringue. Pepernoten are the Dutch answer to gingerbread in my opinion. They make them very small, light, crisp, and highly spiced. They whole apartment smelled like the holidays after making them. Borstplaat is sort of like a fudge or fondant. It is a creamy and very sweet confection. Taai-taai in Dutch means tough-tough. That is exactly what they are! Similar to gingerbread cookies, these are very hard biscuits that are traditionally dunked in coffee or tea (similar to Italian biscotti). 
Here is a few recipes I found online that were similar to what we made.



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