Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dad's Black Forest Birthday Cake

Such a joker family I have :) Witness food coma on the right and slight insanity due to anticipation of all the sugar in the cake on the left!!!

So for my dad’s birthday I wanted to make him his favorite Black Forest Cake recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, but when my cakes came out of the oven then had spilled through my spring-form pans! They were ruined. You see, I did not out of the hundreds of pans in my basement, have a standard 8in round. So I attempted and failed with the 8in spring-form pans. I did not give up though! I remade a chocolate cake using a trio of smaller pans, one a square, one a round, and one a heart. I soaked each one according to directions and once stacked, slathered on the chocolate buttercream frosting and whipped cream to create the illusion that the cake was a round dome! Then I poured over the leftover cherry syrup on top. If I do say so myself, it did not look half bad! Plus, my dad loves whipped cream so the extra on the cake was a welcome bonus. Emeril's Black Forest Cake