Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sevilla is a city in the southern region of Spain. I went there last year for POP Magazine and fell in love with the food. Giant caper berries, the freshest of seafood, perfect pistachios, and of course delicious Seville oranges took my taste buds captive. The culture is so different in Spain. Dinner at 10, huge lunch and a brake from work in the afternoon, and a very light breakfast of juice and coffee. Here's a pic of the chef at the restaurant we went to. His name was Pepe, and as you can tell he LOVED meat.


  1. haha that old man made me laugh out loud . and the name is so typical Pepe haha!! I would like doing dinner at 10 everyday actually.

  2. I LOVE Sevilla . . . I visited the city in 2005 while i was studying abroad. . . Such amazing food!